Best Eyelash Extension Supplies - How to Set Up Your Lash Room

In March of 2019 I decided to quit working for other people and start my own lash extension business. It was a decision that I wasn’t quite ready to make, so when it came to setting up my space, I had to do it on a budget.  That forced me to get creative, do research and find the best lash extension products, for the best price.  Whether you are just starting out, or you’ve been in the game for a while and you’re ready to upgrade, I’ve made a comprehensive list of my favorite lash extension products and supplies. The photos in this blog are courtesy of Ajna Lash Randers (@ajnalashranders) based in Denmark.  Her studio perfectly ties in all the elements of function, style and comfort. 

Photo courtesy of Ajna Lash Randers based in Denmark

I am working on a FREE PDF of all of these items in a convenient shopping list, please stay tuned, I've never made one before! 

Let's start big and work our way down. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


Your table is a little tricky because if you’re starting out, you may want to skimp on this item, but don’t.  That being said, you do not need the $300 table.  I’d say $100 max.  The thing you DO need to look out for is the panels at the head and the foot of the bed.  As a massage therapist they are fine, but as a lash artist, we need to be as close to client as possible – especially our lower body.  There is a panel at each end of the table that makes the table sturdy, but gets in the way of they lash artist sitting close to the table.  I’m mostly talking about hardwood tables because most of the aluminum tables have a bar that runs across the lower portion of the table, which we can easily put our legs over.  But for some reason the hardwood tables feel more sturdy than the aluminum tables in my opinion. 

Here is the massage table I purchased.

Lash Extension Massage Table

HACK:  The good news is, I took the plywood plate off of my table.  The bad news is, I threw it away.  I could have flipped it around and repositioned it to the lower part of the table and drilled it back in there, or I could have taken it to Home Depot and paid to have them saw off the lower portion of the plate and then positioned it higher.  I didn’t know that those branded pieces of board actually DID something until I took mine off.  So I went to Home Depot, found the strongest, thinnest wood I could find, used wood glue to adhere it to the table, and finished it with the screws that came with the original end plate (why did I keep those, but not the piece of wood??).

This table has 2 inches of (firm) foam on the bed, and the length is 84 inches.  It is 28 inches wide WITHOUT the armrests and 37 inches wide when you use the armrests.  I personally use them because it makes the client feel like the bed is wider and it gives you some work space. 

Cushion.  Your table needs to be comfortable.  You don’t want clients just laying on sticky, sweaty viny, that has someone else’s sweat and oils on it.  So I’m going to tell you how to make your bed (in this specific order). 

  1. Fleece pad set. Put this on first.  I also recommend you use the cover on your neck pillow (not the pillow that comes with the table, but we’ll get to that).  This set is more "sherpa" than fleece.  This item needs to go on first, so the memory foam topper does not slide around.
  2. Mattress Topper. Lashers, this is THE ONE ITEM that upped my game SO much. The second I purchased this, my table became a place for my clients to get some peace and solitude for an hour or so. LUCID 2 inch memory foam mattress in TWIN.  This will fit your massage table perfectly and I am telling you it is THE game changer.  I got mine for $37 but right now it’s on sale for $34.63. 
  3. I was on a budget so I bought the Ikea Trattviva blanket for $24.99 at the store.  They have 4 colors including…PINK!  But I bought the dark grey because it hides things like weird stains and glue splatters.  But the pink is pretty. I bought the larger size (91X98) and you'll see why below. 
  4. I ordered these flannel sheets to lay on TOP of the blanket.  They’re very cozy in the winter, but can be a bit warm in the summer, so maybe consider some cotton sheets as well, like these basic white flat sheets
  5. Neck pillow. I personally do not like to work with lash pillows.  I think the angle is wrong, and if they are comfortable for the client, then the lasher can’t see.  If the lasher can see, then they’re not comfortable for the client.  So I’ve used a memory foam travel pillow for the last few years, and sometimes my clients don’t want a pillow at all.  Cover this pillow with:
  • The neck pillow cover that comes with the fleece pad set.
  • Flannel neck pillow cover, pack of five.  I bought the natural color to match my sheets, but in hindsight, I wish I would have picked a prettier color, just for fun!

LUCID Memory Foam Topper, Twin Size

This is how I make my lash bed and I do it for a very specific reason.  I went to Joanna Vargas to get a facial and when I laid down, the esthetician wrapped me in a cocoon of sheet and blanket.  It was amazing.  And now I sometimes think my clients come in just to be swaddled and to have an hour of quiet time.  I look at their lashes and they don’t even need a fill!  But I just get in there and perfect every.single.lash. while they lay in quiet solitude.  I’m also considering getting a weighted blanket as an alternative to the swaddling, depending on what my clients want.



I recommend you have at least two lights in your work area.  And let me tell you, lash lighting has come a long way!  When I started in 2013, we were either using mag lights, that made everyone look sickly and green, or these SUPER strong Ikea lights that gave people migraines.  Now there are soft dispersed lights, or ring lights.  The reason I think you have two different lights is because sometimes you need a light on your product and tools.  Here are my favorites:

 TaoTronics LED Floor lamp $55

And then here is a ring light I like.  This is great for getting before and after shots, and great pictures of your work or you product.  I recommend getting the 18 inch if you can afford it, because it puts out great light for working and you can also attach your phone to it which makes taking pictures a lot easier.  Perfect for social medio posts!

18" Ring Light



I know this seems like an easy one - get a rolling stool, right?  That’s what I thought too, but ask any lasher who has been in it for a while and she will tell you about her IT bands and her hip/knee problems, not to mention the neck.  We’re all going to look like the Hunchback of Norte Dame when we’re finished.  I accidentally stumbled upon this stool when I was flown to Atlanta to work on a client and we had limited time to find a light and lamp. I was shocked when OfficeMax of all places had something that would work height-wise.  And not only did it work, but because it is an “active” chair, meaning it pivots a few degrees in all directions, I could take the tension off my lower back by sitting in a posture that allowed me to straighten my legs a bit more. 

Brenton Studio Active Stool

Active Stool for lashing

The full seat height for this stool is 27 inches, but I use it on its lowest height at about 22 inches.  If that is too tall for you, here is another option with a 25 inch full height.  For height reference I am 5'0".  

Kore Design Adjustable Wobble Chair

If these options are out of your budget, here is the stool I purchased for my LA location, but I HIGHLY suggest getting this stool topper for extra cushion.  This stool is only $25.

Seat cushion stool topper.


It’s the Little Things

Once you've gotten the larger items out of the way, you can start to refine the smaller pieces in your studio.  This is a list of the little things that can make your lashing career easier.  

Business Cards.  PRO TIP - when you're starting out, do not order more than 50 business cards.  I made subtle changes to my business cards three times.  If I had ordered hundreds of business cards that first run, I would have either felt compelled to use those cards before I ordered new ones, or I would have lost hundreds of dollars right out the gate.  Start small on things, because you WILL change your mind, want to make changes, and you'll have updates to your services.  Why have hundreds of obsolete cards??

Cart – you know this cart, you love this cart.  It’s a no-brainer.  I like that it has three tiers to hold more supplies, versus the typical two-tier spa cart.  

3 tier utility cart mint green

Work tray - now this is one you've never seen before because I'm the only person I know who does this.  I knew I wanted a work tray ON the lash bed because I've seen so many lash beds with lash glue splattered all over them and I didn't want it to happen to mine.  I made the mistake of buying a mint green one the first time, but I cannot stress this enough - BUY THE BLACK ONE.  Also you HAVE to make sure you are buying the MINI.  I accidentally bought the small, and it is not small.  I use the handle of the cutting board to hold my lash wand and my doe feet and then I keep my glue palette, my lash tray and my tweezers on the flat surface of the tray.  This item is $8 and I couldn't not recommend it enough.  

Lighted mirror - This came in very handy for me because the lighting in my space is not that bright and the first thing your clients want to do when they sit up, is look at their lashes!  Also the little magnifying mirror is great for lash techs to check the front of your work.

Tweezers - I know this is going to sound weird but I get my tweezers from a vendor on Etsy.  Yes Etsy.  I shopped everywhere else for years and everything I found was overpriced, and the quality was not that great.  Until I found Metaleks.  Their prices are incredibly reasonable, they have great customer service and the quality is great.  The grip is very loose, so your thumbs do not get tired.    

Glue - I'm obviously a HUGE fan of Natascha Darling Lashes glue.  It took seven years of lashing knowledge, and a year of research to make this glue.  I still try other glues, just to make sure I'm on the right track and to check myself.  I STILL love this glue.  

Micellar water - I find that this EXACT formula really helps when I'm having a problem with getting the lashes to adhere.  

Lash tray box - This is another one of those MUST HAVES for your lash business.  You can create trays of your most popular lengths, mixed lengths, different diameters, all on one tray instead of pulling several lash trays out for each client.  They are also easier to work off of, compared to a regular lash tray because they are heavier.  This plus the organization helps to speed up the process.  

Trash can - Most states require that your trash can have a lid.  I like this particular trash can because it doesn't make a noisy slamming sound every time is closes.  Quiet means your client is sleeping.  And that's good.  

Mascara wands - I like to buy my wands in fun colors.  I mean why not?  If you want to stay on brand, that's great, but my clients get excited over the little things, like new lash brush colors.  FYI you this price is the best deal; $8.59 for 300 is good.  Any more than that and it's a bit of an excess.  Quality doesn't change much.  

Doe feet - For cleaning.  This is 500 pieces for $9.98.  The best deal. 

Microfiber wands - For deeper cleaning.  500 pieces for $6.99.  

Tissue - Little things will make you a Lash Artist while everyone is a Lash Tech.  PLEASE, put a tissue on your client's forehead while you work.  There is no reason your hands should be resting on someone's skin for an hour or two.  Buy some Kleenex.  

Eye pads - Eye pads are tricky.  You wouldn't think that but they are.  I buy mine on Amazon and SEVERAL times I have received a different product than I ordered.  I have a client who is allergic to vitamin C, so I always check the ingredients when I order, but sometimes when the arrive, the ingredients are completely different.  

Barbide jar OR Sterilizing Box - I prefer the jar because the tray gets a little messy, but it's a preference.  

Barbicide - Make sure you read the instructions on this, otherwise too much barbicide WILL DULL YOUR TWEEZERS.

Glasses - Sometimes you just need a good pair of readers, and sometimes you need something stronger.  I have been lashing since 2013 and I have seen SO MUCH bad work that could be avoided by proper vision (and some additional training to be honest). 



Just for Fun (and Style)

This is the fun part!  After you've purchased your necessities, it's time to decorate!  These items are the LAST things you should be thinking about, until you understand your vibe, your lighting and what your want your aesthetic to be.  We change our minds so much when starting out, don't waste money on frivolous items.     

Round Mirror - All the chicest lash studios have this mirror.  I'm going to tell you how to make it better. 


Attachable Vanity Lights - Your clients want to see how they look!  Make your mirror pop with this 16 foot string of Hollywood Vanity lights.  


Custom sticker for mirror - If you build a cute mirror, they will take a selfie.  And if you have your business name on the mirror, it is built-in marketing.  

If a regular utility cart is not cutting it for you, or you need a bit more storage, this DRINK CART is a great, affordable alternative.  Search drink carts on Amazon, there are SO many cute options.  Store your blankets, your back stock of lashes, your mini fridge, or your waxing station here.  Endless options.  

Baskets for blankets and client possessions.  Baskets are great way to quickly store items like extra blankets or clients shoes, purse, phone, etc.  

Lash Art that isn’t live lash love cheesy.  Y'all know what I'm talking about. Think outside of the box and try to avoid the basic, kitschy pictures of an eyeball with Live Lash Love in cursive underneath.  That being said, I do love those lash mirrors.  Cute.  If you want some inspiration, check out on instagram, or scroll through pinterest for some out-of-the-box ideas on decorating.  Remember, your lash studio doesn't have to scream LASHES!  



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