How To Make Your Lashes Look Longer

That last lash has finally let go like Jack at the end of Titanic, and your lift is so grown out, you can see your lashes in your line of vision. 

I miss my clients, I really do and I CANNOT WAIT to open my doors and my thoroughly sanitized table to them!  But I have gotten a few text messages over the last two months that tells me they miss me too.  Most of the texts are about hating mascara, but some of them are also from my lash lift clients.  With no extensions and no lifts for more than eight weeks, everyone is feeling a little frumpy.  While nothing beats a fresh set of lashes or the perky lift of a lash perm, here are some great alternatives until we can resume the essential business of beauty.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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1. Curl your lashes. I KNOW I said in my other post that under no conditions are you to curl your lashes, but if you’re going to do it, do it with these:

Heated Eyelash Curler

Heated Curler Comb

These curlers are different than a traditional curler because there is no squeezing of the lashes, it uses heat to lift the lashes and THEN you set with mascara.  Do not apply mascara first, apply it second.  Also, these CAN get hot, please read the directions before using!

heated lash curler

2. My FAVORITE mascara, hands-down I love it, I tried all the others…and this is still my favorite. L’oreal Lash Paradise. The brush is perfect, the formula is perfect, the price is of course perfect.  Now here’s the trick to giving your lashes a bit of lift with the mascara; sit down while you apply (don’t rush your application), preferably at your vanity or wherever you do your makeup.  Use a mirror that has a magnified side and tilt it up (like you’re trying to look up your nose).  Apply the mascara as CLOSE to the base as possible.  Oftentimes, I get mascara on my waterline when I apply, but I wait until it dries and then I remove with a cotton swab.  Take your time applying your mascara, don’t rush it.  I use the mascara wand not only to apply the mascara but to fan the lashes out.  It takes me about 5 minutes to apply mascara, which is why we love lash extensions because we just wake up and go!  TIP: Once the masacra is dry/set, you have to leave it alone or else it will flake and get clumpy.  Do not curl your lashes after you have put on mascara. 

loreal lash paradise mascara

3. Also, it needs to be repeated NO WATERPROOF MASCARA. It is very drying to your lashes, the chemicals cause the lashes to dry out and break off.  And most importantly, I can almost guarantee you’re not removing it correctly, causing you to tug and pull on your delicate eye skin, which causes wrinkles, AND pulling on your lashes, which causes fallout and breakage.

4. Which brings me to removing your mascara. Please do not use makeup wipes.  Not only are they HORRIBLE for the environment, but they are giving you wrinkles.  Wiping your face to remove makeup is causing a lot of pulling, which causes wrinkles.  Also if you’re only using a wipe, I am positive you are not getting all of your makeup off.  Over the last 16 years as an esthetician I have seen hundreds of faces that still have last night’s makeup on, or lashes that are still covered in mascara, even though it has been days since the client used mascara.  Just don’t use wipes. 

5. Use an oil cleanser (dry hands, dry face, no water), allow it to breakdown your makeup and your mascara (you’ll FEEL the mascara start to breakdown, it will get crumbly and soft), rinse, and then follow up with a foaming cleanser.

6. Lastly, lash serum.  Not everyone NEEDS this, so I do not recommend it to everyone but lash serum is a quick and easy way to make your lashes look long and luscious..  My FAVORITE serum is Babe Lash.  The price is good and it works!  I've partnered with them to give you a 20% off code if you use NATDARLING20 at the checkout.

babe lash

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